Descripció de la proposta

The eye of the young – Graffiti and Photography – Social intervention – English spoken

Is a project where the we challenge the young to think about a social or environmental topic or issue. We challenge them to come up with a transformation a statement of the issue to an artistic creation.

In this project the artistic proces and creation are the most important, a transformation of a problem towards a visual expression in the form of photography and the transition from image to a big mural painting.

Two Artists and social workers will guide the youngsters trough all this creation and will open the mind of all participants.
The goal of this project is to work together as a group, enjoy multidisciplinary working and to transform together a social or environmental topic to a piece of Art expressed trough a public intervention, accessible for everyone.

We challenge you to bring this project to your institution, school or community and observe, learn, participate and enjoy to see how your student will grow out to real artists.

Don’t hesitate to contact us for more information. All projects can be adapted to your needs.

See you soon!

Detalls de la proposta:

  • Format de la proposta: Projecte
  • Destinataris principals: Docents i altres professionals, Joves de 12 a 16 anys, Joves de 16 a 18 anys, Joves majors de 18 anys, Pares / mares / Ampes
  • Durada de l’activitat: 3 dies escolar – can be adapted to the demand
    Tot l’any
  • Lloc on realitzar l’activitat:
  • Requisits de la proposta: A local where we can work out the brainstorming process and meet for creation.
    A public wall to make the final creation.
  • Cost: No gratuïta – 1300€ – 1500€ All material included

Sobre el promotor/a:

    • Promotor/a: (Perfil de Pare / mare o persona a títol individual)
    • Persona de contacte: Tati Finchi
    • Correu-E:
    • Telèfon: 678244544
    • Pàgina web:

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